Watch This Corvette C8 Drag Race A Tesla Model 3

You know how there seems to be an endless supply of real-estate investors with Youtube channels, all focused on how to make your first million? Well occasionally those kinds of guys make really cool decisions with their passive income.

One said Youtuber, Chandler David Smith, recently bought another real-estate Youtuber, The Stradman’s, Corvette C8. Naturally, he drove his Tesla Model 3 to the deal.

Well, you can’t ever make a transaction in the car world without the obligatory test-drive. In that spirit, the Stradman and Smith lined up the Model 3 Performance and Purple C8 for a series of drag races. Apparently the two had a long lasting bucket list entry that involved racing one another as well.

I think we all could predict how this would turn out. Surprisingly, a policeman pulls up after the first few attempts, and gives his opinion on the matter. I, for one, couldn’t tell if the cop wanted them to race or not from the tone of his voice.

Of the few races, a couple had somewhat fluked starts. Either way, the outcome seems obvious to anyone who knows how much faster EVs are off the line. The Corvette would have a higher top speed, but it’s never going to get going nearly as quickly as the instant-torque possessing Tesla.

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