Watch This Modded Tesla Model 3 Take On Off-Road Challenge

YouTubers, Ethan Schlussler and Edwin Olding, have salvaged a 2020 Model 3 Dual Motor Long Range with severe front-end damage into an off-road vehicle along with the help from fellow YouTuber, Rich Rebuilds, on their Grind Hard Plumming Co channel.

Documenting the whole process in a series of videos, they start by cutting off the damaged front-end then replaced the plastic bumpers with steel tubes and mounted a 12,000-pound-capacity winch. To add to this, aftermarket lighting was installed, a section of the hood was cut out and they moved the heat exchangers to the frunk.

We start to see it taking the form of an off-road vehicle with the ride height being increased by two inches and the front anti-roll bar is removed. Front-wheel spacers are added as well as Falken Wildpeak A/T3W tyres.

Schlussler and Olding added rock sliders for some more protection and then removed some of the rear floor and rear bumper.

The YouTubers decided to take their new masterpiece to The Mojave Road which is a 147-mile off-road route starting in Nevada and ending in California. It is advised to allow three days to take this route so a tent had to be mounted to the all-glass roof.

Adding the tent would take a drain on the safari-style Model 3s range, however, they were more worried about the added weight and the new tyres affecting this. The original range of the car was approximately 322 miles but with the new and drastic changes, they didn’t really have a clue on what range they were working with.

The Tesla made the most of the bumpy terrain and rocky obstacles with almost 500 hp and all-wheel drive. Schlussler said:

“The ride quality in this thing is shockingly good,”

When crossing the second load of water, the off-roader lost all power and shut off after a wave went over the hood. Being as optimistic as possible, Schlussler explained:

“What’s impressive, and convenient, is that we at least made it all the way out of the water before it died.”

The main safety fuse had blown but they found later on that the main power module was completely soaked and shut down.

They concluded that they Tesla was great on dry land but was not a practical off-roader all round.

What do you think, would you want an off-road Tesla and take on a conversion like this?

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