Tesla-Powered 450 Horsepower Classic Land Rover Defender Dominates Off Road Track

Richard Morgan, the man behind the Electric Classic Cars YouTube channel, has taken on a new project of creating a Tesla-powered classic Land Rover Defender.

As you can guess from the channel name, Morgan takes on old classic cars and converts them into electric vehicle masterpieces to give them a new lease of life.

The 450-horsepower newly modified Defender has a 22 kW charger and a 90 kWh giving it a range of 150 miles on a full charge. The Defender has an impressive 0-60 mph time of 5 seconds and gets a max speed of 120 mph.

It is somewhat surprising seeing the iconic Defender trundling down the road but not hearing it coming from round the corner. But don’t worry, the sound may be gone but when Morgan took it off-road, it did not disappoint. It crosses a river with its usual ease just as it should as well as the undulating off roading terrain.

Coming in at a total cost of approximately $83,000, the Defender is wowing the fans. One wrote:

“Love it, not having to worry about gear selection and having instant torque off-road is like having cheat codes on. Wish we could rent one of these or drive one at a Land Rover Experience center, if you’re looking to convert a more extreme off-road Land Rover I’d give you mine to convert, assuming I get it back of course!”


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