X Challenges California AB 587, Alleges Violation of Free Speech Rights

Social Media Company Files Lawsuit Against California Bill Mandating Content Moderation Transparency

In a move that echoes leader Elon Musk’s stance on free speech, X has filed a lawsuit against California AB 587, a bill signed into law by California Governor Gavin Newsom last year. The bill mandates that social media platforms post and submit regular terms of service information about how they moderate content related to racism, extremism, disinformation, harassment, and foreign political interference to the Attorney General semiannually.

X alleges that the legislation goes against the Constitution’s protection of free speech, contrary to its purported purpose as a “transparency measure” for content moderation. The company’s legal team argues that the bill pressures companies to minimize content deemed objectionable by the government and forces them to take positions on politically charged terms set by the state, violating principles of free speech.

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