Yamaha Debuts Sleek Electric Motors for Motorcycles, Cars, and Everything in Between

We don’t hear much about Yamaha when it comes to the EV rat-race. While the Japanese company is partially owned by Toyota, and likely to produce some sort of EV in the future, it’s been radio silence about electric motors until now.

Eager to please, Yamaha has now shown off their surprisingly good-looking new electric motors. One designed for smaller vehicles, like dirtbikes or ATVs, and the other a larger unit for electric cars.

The first motor that Yamaha presented was a 35kW motor that would be perfect for small applications. For a company that has established a reputation for making off-road vehicles of the tiny variety, this could deliver some real pep to their lineup.

Accompanying that little motor, was a dual-motor drive unit with a total of 150kW of power. This strangely beautiful option would be a fantastic crate-motor for EV swap projects.

Since it’s knurled edges and blue coating really shine above the standard cast-aluminium of other motors, it would look at home in many classic resto-mods.

One aspect of their designs that Yamaha touts, is that their casting experience allowed them to be much more compact than other options.

The larger drive unit is undoubtedly sleek and compact, but it’s hard to compare the smaller 35kW unit without a reference.

As mentioned earlier, Toyota owns %5 of Yamaha. Perhaps these motors could find their way into a production Toyota vehicle in the coming years, maybe even a Supra.

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