Tesla YouTuber Sells Model X After Poor Ownership Experience

The famous Tesla based YouTuber Teslanomics, now named by his own name Ben Sullins on YouTube, has recently published a video to his channel explaining why he’s selling his Model X after only a few years.

Buying the car for almost $80,000 before taxes with only 1,000 miles on the clock, Ben and his wife expected the their Model X experience to be mostly hassle free. The car had however been sat for three years, but with such a low mileage and so much money of the listed price of $140,000 before taxes, they couldn’t resist.

Issues plagued their ownership experience however, with the car being creaky after sitting for so long and before hitting even 24,000 miles, the air conditioning unit had to be replaced at their own expense. In this video, they also mentioned tyres, but this can’t be held against the car. These are perishable after all.

They also complained of the media screen having lots of issues, and after several back and forth with Tesla, a repair under warranty was apparently not an option. So, oh getting the AC unit repaired, they were keen to take a Tesla trade in offer of $62,000 with their sites on a P100D Model S, but now being totally sure they wanted to do this, they left it for a month.

With other looming issues, they’re trust in the car was depleted, so went back to Tesla a month later, who offered $8,000 less than before. They took it.

As you’d expect, they feel as though they’ve been very unlucky with their experience, and they love the X. But with them now moving to a Model S, they’re looking forward to having a car without so many things that can go wrong.

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