Do Tesla’s AutoWipers Really Work?

With Tesla recently rolling out a software update to enable autowipers in the rain, people have been wishing for rainfall just so they can test out the new feature. this includes our friend, Erik, over on his YouTube channel. You can watch his video below!

So, do they actually work? Yes… and no.

Erik first tests the autowipers on the first level of sensitivity in light rain. They seem to wipe the windscreen every 8-10 seconds, sometimes doubling up wipes when it feels it’s necessary. It’s worth noting as well that the headlights have also turned on alongside the wipers.

Adjust the sensitivity to level two and the wipers wipe the windscreen ever 3-5 seconds. While this may be the perfect level of sensitivity for some, Erik feels this is too high and leaves it on this setting only for demonstration purposes.

So far so good, then! The autowipers do their job and keep the windscreen clear of water for you. The issues arrive once the rain has stopped and some dirt has been spread across the windscreen. It seems that the cameras take the dirt for water and continue to wipe the windscreen. Not only is this annoying, but it lowers visibility and can lead to the wiper rubber being damaged. Of course, you can just turn the autowipers off or spray the windscreen with washer fluid, but should you have to?

Maybe an auto-washer fluid feature is needed?

On top of this, although not tested in the video, people have complained that the wipers do not turn on in the dark. We haven’t yet tested this, so if you know anything about this, pease leave any info in the comments!


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