All-New Audi E-tron Sportback Coming Summer 2020


As the electric car market heats up, Audi is doubling down on its E-tron line, with the release of a Sportback version slotted for Summer of 2020. The sleeker E-tron will come with 218 miles of range and 402 horsepower thanks to a dual-motor design. The 14-mile improvement over the standard E-tron comes from a variety of changes Audi have made to the cars aerodynamic and powertrain.

Of course, the shape of the Sportback substantially reduces drag compared to its chunkier older brother. Additionally, Audi has tweaked the software which controls the car, reducing the buffer size on the 95 kWh battery as well as changing the way the car adjusts at different speeds. For example, they have made one of the dual-motors disconnect from the drivetrain at certain times, to reduce the resistance.

At the front, the distinctively contoured bumper is flanked by uniquely designed air intakes for optimized air flow. These vents extend below the headlights, thereby creating a dynamic appearance even from a distance. At the rear, the spoiler and diffuser extend across the entire vehicle width contributing to vehicle aerodynamics.

These aerodynamic improvements don’t just increase range, they do some to increase the speed as well. Granted, this is a relatively large vehicle, but it will have a 0-60 of 5.5 seconds. That, combined with a 77 MPGe fuel efficiency, is a pretty compelling combination. Furthermore, Audi’s 150-kW charging, estimates a 174 mile charge inside of 30 minutes.

With a starting price tag of just over $77k, this could be the first electric vehicle for many Audi loyalists. Now if only we could convince regulators to allow cameras instead of side mirrors, we’ll be all set come Summer.

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