Elon Musk Elaborates On His Controversial Covid Stance

In a very opinion-rich episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, Elon Musk spent almost an hour elaborating on this controversial Covid opinions. The billionaire was widely criticized by the media for his tweets earlier this month, where he minimized the mortality rates of the virus, and pleaded for the freeing of America’s workforce.

It’s fundamentally a violation of the constitution, freedom of assembly, and you know…and I don’t think these things stand up in court really.

Musk brought up how he believe the World Health Organization is misrepresenting the mortality rate of the virus, and that the actual rate could be anywhere from ten to fifty times lower than what is reported. At one point he jokes that “if someone has Covid, gets eaten by a shark, we find their arm…their arm has Covid, it’s going to get recorded as a Covid death.”

After reeling in that example as hyperbole, he explains that many of the hospitals around the country have actually had to furlough doctors, and are hemorrhaging money as elective procedures are pushed aside to fight the virus. Because of this, many local hospitals are attributing deaths to Covid without ever actually testing the deceased for the virus, so they can get federal aid meant to fight the virus. Musk claims that public health officials have outright admitted to this.


He mentions that Tesla has a network of hundreds of suppliers across China, and 7,000 Chinese employees on their payroll. Of those 7,000 employees, he says that zero have died, which he suggests is a reason to get back to work.

I kind of saw this whole thing play out in China, before it played out in the US. So it’s kind of like watching the same movie again, but in English.

Despite that observation, it seems that the Shanghai Gigafactory has suddenly closed. There is no word yet if this was due to Covid, or if it is because of an indirect halt in the supply chain which feeds it.

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