Elon Musk Named TIME Magazine 2021 Person Of The Year

TIME Magazine has named Elon Musk its 2021 Person of the Year. For better or worse, for decades, TIME Magazine has presented the award to a person or group who had the most impact on current year.

Elon Musk may attract a storm of controversy but he does achieve feats that have long been deemed impossible. From SpaceX winning an exclusive NASA contract to put US astronauts on the Moon for the first time since 1972, to a May performance at Saturday Night Live where he revealed he has Asperger’s Syndrome, to Tesla achieving a trillion-dollar market capitalisation after weathering the chip crisis and producing a record number of pure electric vehicles during an epidemic, 2021 was dubbed “Elon Unbound” by TIME.

What has made Musk so remarkable, though, was his ability to be an innovator and still contribute to the creation of real things. These physical items might make a significant difference if they succeed. The trip towards Musk’s objectives will be lengthy and difficult, but the possibilities for success are limitless.

According to TIME:

“Musk is easily cast as a hubristic supervillain, lumped in with the tech bros and space playboys, for whom money is scorekeeping and rockets are the ultimate toy. But he’s different: he’s a manufacturing magnate—moving metal, not bytes. His rockets, built from scratch on an autodidact’s mold-breaking vision, have saved taxpayers billions, reinvigorated America’s space dreams, and are launching satellites to expand Internet access across the globe.

“If Tesla delivers on its pledges, it has the potential to strike a major blow against global warming. The man from the future where technology makes all things possible is a throwback to our glorious industrial past, before America stagnated and stopped producing anything but rules, restrictions, limits, obstacles, and Facebook,”

Elon Musk isn’t perfect, just like the rest of us. He may make mistakes- a perusal of his Twitter feed would confirm this. But this is exactly why he’s fascinating. Elon Musk may very well bring about real, long-term change in the world with the businesses he runs, according to an interview with TIME for his Person of the Year feature where Musk stated that he welcomes competition and doesn’t mind being beaten as long as the opponent has a superior product.

Elon Musk may be the only one who knows what will happen with Tesla, SpaceX, and his other businesses. However, it does show that Musk is aware of the danger to his projects. Such challenges are what make things interesting for entrepreneurs like Musk.

“If somebody makes better cars than we do, and they then sell more cars than we do, I think that’s totally fine. Our intent with Tesla was always that we would serve as an example to the car industry and hope that they also make electric cars, so that we can accelerate the transition to sustainable technology,” Musk explained.

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