Evidence Shows Electric Vehicles Like Tesla Really Could Be The Future

2020 resulted in car sales reducing by a fifth, however, with this downfall the sale of electric cars rose by 43%.

It will not be a surprise to you all that Tesla led the way by selling a whopping half a million cars in 2020, which was their target at the beginning of the year. Following behind Tesla was Volkswagen with the ID3 and Porsche Taycan which both seemed to be popular choices for the EV market. Interestingly, according to , electric vehicle sales doubled in Europe in 2020 which surpassed China as the largest EV market in the world.

Sales and marketing analyst for, Viktor Irle, made a statement to The Guardian stating that the rise in electric vehicle sales was partly driven by Government incentives to help reduce carbon emissions.

“The political push is still there – [governments] everywhere speak about the green recovery. But the main reason for growth is simple – electric cars are a better technology. There is no noise, no pollution, better acceleration, and cheaper running costs. If people test-drive an electric car, they’re not going to go back to gasoline vehicles. The problem at the moment is that the price is a little bit higher, but the cost is really coming down as well,” Irle said.

More information on the electric vehicle sales throughout 2020 can be seen here:

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