Fisker’s $50 Million Investment Means the Ocean EV Coming to Market

Fisker, the company behind the upcoming Ocean electric SUV, has announced that they have successfully raised $50 million in financing. The pile of cash will go towards the engineering and production run of the Ocean.

Something must be in the air, because Henrik Fisker’s previous vehicle was making news just earlier today. Fisker’s Karma was the 2012 plug-in hybrid sportscar, which unfortunately had to be sold off due to financial troubles. It lives on as the Karma Revero, which will soon be sold in Europe.

Now, the EV mastermind will likely see more success with the Ocean, which he has been hyping since CES. It will now be scheduled for a 2022 launch.

The Ocean’s SUV form factor is quite different than the 2018 EMotion EV, which the company first showed off in 2018. They have moved away from the low slung coupes, and towards the adventurous outdoors, especially with the Alaska EV truck, and rugged “Force-E” Ocean variant shown off earlier this year.

At one point, Fisker said they had made a solid-state battery, which would give their vehicles a 500-mile range. Now that’s been pulled back, and they are going to be using lithium-ion batteries. They are still one of the few companies which intends to use their own cells.

The $50 million comes from billionaire Louis M Bacon’s company, Moore Strategic Ventures.


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