Ford Axes Lincoln EV Co-Development With Rivian


After investing $500 Million dollars in EV-startup Rivian, Ford has decided to cancel its plans to launch a Lincoln SUV powered by their electric powertrain. Lincoln announced the shelving of plans Tuesday, while qualifying that they and Ford still intend to develop electric vehicles in the future, just not this particular model.

The decision sited the coronavirus situation as the main opponent to the launch. The virus has seen many vehicle delays, including Rivian’s introductory R1T, as well as Ford’s new Bronco. However, this seems to be the first outright cancellation of a model.

Our strategic commitment to Lincoln, Rivian and electrification remains unchanged and Lincoln’s future plans will include an all-electric vehicle consistent with its Quiet Flight DNA

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This disappointing news comes at a time when many automakers are leaning more heavily towards electrification. The caveat that Lincoln and Ford are still going to be working with Rivian in the future complicates the press release. Seeing their skateboard architecture used in a future model, SUV or otherwise, will help to justify the half-a-billion dollar investment made last January.

As for the “Quiet Flight DNA,” Lincoln speaks of, let’s hope it doesn’t stay too quiet. Otherwise, we may only see these collaborations manifest as vaporware, a product which vanishes without a trace, never to be available for purchase…or to be driven by Matthew McConaughey.

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