GM Details Plans Future EVs in Sustainability Report

General Motors has been desperately trying to make up for lost time after dropping the ball on the EV1. We’ve talked about their Ultium platform, and how it will lead GM to an all-electric future. Expanding on this plan, GM released their 2019 Sustainability Report on Thursday, which gave some unknown details about their 20 electric vehicles planned for release by 2023.

Cadillac will be getting five of these electric vehicles. Four of these will be SUVs. The Lyric, an electric XT4 alternative, a three-row luxury XT6 alternative, and a very exciting full-sized Escalade alternative.

Aside from the obvious impact the electric-Escalade would have on giant luxury vehicles, there will also be Cadillac’s hand-made Celestiq. In the report, GM says they will only make about 1.2 Celestiqs every day.

GMC also had a little hint to future models in the report. The electric Hummer that is coming will get an off-road companion truck. Presumably also with 1,000 horsepower and other intense specs.

Chevy, one of GM’s most important brands, will get three EVs. The Bolt obviously will still be made, but so will a mid-sized SUV and a pickup truck. The SUV will likely be a less luxurious Cadillac cousin. The pickup will probably be a massive seller, with a planned 400-mile range.

We wouldn’t want to forget Buick. The black-sheep of the GM family will get two SUVs powered by batterys. One a crossover, again probably like the Cadillac and Chevy. The other was described as “athletic.”

GM seems serious about their Ultium and electrification. Their mantra is “zero crashes, zero emissions, zero congestion,” and I appreciate the order with which they’re tackling those problems.

GM CEO, Mary Barra, did actually opened the report with, “by mid-decade, we expect to sell a million EVs a year across our global markets.” So far, I have no reason to doubt they’ll deliver.

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