GM Reveals Hummer EV Pickup Prototype To Prove It Can Be Done

When GM first revealed the idea of a pickup all-electric Hummer EV, fans of the automaker didn’t believe they had it in them to actually go through with it. But now GM has actually revealed a working prototype, and it looks as though it could end up on all of our Christmas lists.

Initially, the GM Hummer EV was released in October, boasting a huge 350 miles of range but at a hearty price of $80,000, and despite its size, GM claims it will reach 60 in just 3 seconds. How’s that for some all-electric performance? It also comes with a large selection of other features like a Crab Mode, which allows all four wheels to turn in the same direction at once allowing it to drive sideways. It’s safe to say, the truck has impressed people.

Now, the pickup is planned to launch next year as the high-end versions of the truck begin to roll out. But the cheaper, base-spec models aren’t expected to be hitting the roads until 2024. On top of that, GM also admitted that they didn’t actually have any working versions of the truck. Instead, they relied solely on CGI. But now, in an accelerated testing phase, you can see all of GM’s hard work culminate into a brilliant looking prototype. Watch the video below:

They even have a number plate that says “OMGREAL”.

This is what GM had to tell us about its new EV pickup:

“The GMC HUMMER EV has arrived at GM’s Milford Proving Grounds to continue validation tests and will head to northern Michigan to run through the team’s grueling winter testing process. We will document the journey and share updates in the coming weeks and months. The HUMMER EV’s development speed was enabled by extensive virtual testing, which will be a hallmark of GM programs moving forward and it will begin initial production in fall 2021.”

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