Here’s What Tesla Owners Can Benefit From Sentry Mode’s New Update

Tesla’s Sentry Mode is going to push vehicle surveillance to a whole new level by allowing Tesla owners to remotely see what their cars can see from their Autopilot cameras.

We’ve recently heard that Tesla is planning a massive software upgrade, possibly version 11, to boost its fleet around the holidays.

CEO Elon Musk has described the update as a “fire” filled with new and surprising features.

As we wait for the release, we are trying to determine and expose these surprising features Musk is teasing about.Tesla has been talking about better integrating its Tesla Sentry Mode feature into its mobile app for a while now. It may be one of the features that we can expect from the Sentry Mode update.

The Sentry Mode is Tesla’s take on integrated surveillance in Autopilot cameras in Tesla’s vehicles and has “changed the game when it comes to vandalizing parked cars.”

Vandals voluntarily surrender after several videos on Sentry Mode surface online. Some videos from the Sentry Mode were used as evidence to help in pinpointing vandals. Sentry Mode was developed after TeslaCam. The difference is someone should be inside the car in TeslaCam.

TeslaCam assisted many Tesla owners with insurance settlements by showing that they were not at fault in any of the injuries protected by the embedded dashcam system.

To unlock the features of TeslaCam and Sentry Mode, owners must plug the storage unit, thumb drive, or SSD in their Tesla and allow the features in the settings.

Owners had to take the USB and attach it to the computer to access the footage.

Tesla introduced a new in-car Sentry mode viewer earlier this year. The new mode enables owners to conveniently review footage.   

Hacker Green, who have leaked allegedly software updates for V11 a month ago, believes Tesla is installing an option for owners to remove livestream in Autopilot cameras:

“Well, the remote camera viewing seems to be in the wings, whenever they’ll drop it in 2020.48 or if they’ll postpone it again — I don’t know.”

Tesla owners can comprehensively monitor state of their cars, including doors that are open or locked, windows, port charges, and more.

They will now be able to see around their cars even though no Sentry Mode incident has been triggered.

The internet is divided on this Sentry Mode update as many think the system is not an incredibly useful feature. But like any other of Tesla’s first technologies, it may find its use later.

As Hacker Green once said, the function seems to have existed in the program previously, but it has been postponed.

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