Huge Expansion Rumoured At Tesla Fremont Facility In Exposing Drone Video

Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, has been taking to his Twitter recently to say how the Tesla Fremont team is “kicking a**”. This comes after a number of production issues for the company, but now after a drone video over the Fremont facility has been released, we can see that these issues seem to be in the past.

The drone video showed an increase in activity, showing vehicles being stored in multiple areas across the site as well as a number of car carriers. Above all though, it shows that just how busy they are. There are also rumours of expansion at the site due to new construction work nearby. It looks as though Tesla have demolished a couple of buildings on the other side of the street from the main factory. It has been reported that the demolished buildings were in good condition before they were torn down, so many are assuming that Tesla will be building something massive there.

The Fremont factory was the only vehicle production site for Tesla until the EV company opened the Shanghai Gigafactory which is now producing more than Fremont. We have also seen an increase in output from the Berlin and Texas Gigafactories.

Musk announced during the Q2 2022 earnings call that the Fremont facility bit a new production record in June this year and at the start of this year the California-based factory was already producing more than seventy other car manufacturing plants across the US.

As work at the Fremont facility ramps up, we are sure there will be further developments exposed, so hopefully we will be able to report more on this soon.

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