Iconic Volvo 1800 Poised for Special Electric Re-Introduction

We all have our secret hopes for classic car models to be reborn in a new era, with highly upgraded components and retro style. Fortunately, the times we’re in seem to be riddled with exactly that sort of announcement. After all, look at Ford’s Bronco and Mustang, GM’s Hummer, and the obvious potential of a Dodge Charger EV.

All of those brands and models pale in comparison to the Volvo 1800. The iconic Swedish coupe turns 60 next year, and it’s at a time where the company who birthed it has been making huge strides in both style and electrification.

This isn’t pure speculation either, just last week, a “camouflaged” 1800 was seen whirring around Sweden, and photographed by those car paparazzi you’re always bumping into.  The car was registered to a race/tuning company which was affiliated with Polestar, and by extension Volvo.

I’ve seen at least one video of a resto-mod 1800 which was converted to an EV by Caresto, which shows that the process is undoubtedly possible. Further, Håkan Samuelsson, CEO of Volvo, has gone on the record saying the pandemic will lead to electrification. In the main photo accompanying the press release, Samuelsson stands in front of an 1800.

With Volvo’s passion about electrification, and their real prowess surrounding the design of the XC-40 and Polestar’s, this would be an amazing vehicle for them. It could end up just being a show car, but a show car that enthusiasts could duplicate at home.


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