Volvo Shows Off Its XC-40 Recharge In New Walkaround Video

As an unapologetic Volvo fanboy, I’ve been digging their electric teasers, from Polestar and otherwise. Most realistically, the XC-40 Recharge, the brand’s fast-approaching small SUV. In a newly uploaded marketing video, we see some Volvo department heads give a very in depth tour of their new EV version of the XC-40.

With a 78 kWh battery pack that will deliver around 250 miles of range, dual-motor AWD that Volvo says will generate 408 horsepower and a 0-60 of 4.9 seconds, the stylish Recharge is no joke.

With its Thor’s Hammer headlights, closed-off grill, and sculpted body, the new XC-40 looks pretty sophisticated. I actually found myself customizing one at Volvo’s website the other day, and was very pleased with the looks of the matte-black and blue colorways, especially with how the latter looked with the glossy black roof. As an added bonus, you can order it from the factory with removed badges, which I think adds a huge heaping of class.

Another cool feature, that probably only nerds will appreciate, is the pop out trailer hitch. When you activate a stitch in the trunk, it drops down. That, combined with the optional roof-rack and AWD with independent traction control, will make this a very capable camping/ adventure car.

The interior has nice aluminium accents, and a stylish design, as well as the option for all vegan materials (something that is surprisingly rare).

The XC-40 also has top-notch tech, with android auto built in. In fact, the demos in the video kept setting off my own Google assistant, with is less a feature, and more an annoyance, but should stand as a testament to at least a degree of its effectiveness. Of course, this also means Volvo will be pushing out OTA updates, to keep the software fresh.

With no start-button,the XC-40 instead senses when you get in the car, and then just allowing you to select your gear. This is in-line with the trajectory of EVs, which are increasingly hard to tell when powered-on.

Not wanting to come off as a slouch, the Recharge has dual motors that output just over 400 horsepower. All the wheels get their torque instantaneously, and the layout of the motors means the weight distribution is spot on, making this as peppy of an Volvo as you’d expect, and then some.

The regen-braking has also been tuned for one-pedal driving, meaning that the acceleration is the only pedal one should need to use for most daily driving. This is a feature increasingly common in EVs, but nice to see in a company’s first.

On the charging side, Volvo is offering 150 kWh DC fast-charging, which does the new-normal 40 minute 80% charge, but is also selling home chargers with three-phase power for overnight charges.

Being a Volvo, I shouldn’t have to say it’s safe, but it is. Like other EVs, the Recharge has a low center of gravity, but it also well engineered crumple-zones, airbags, and firewalls. There is also Volvo’s new array of sensors and auto-safety features, like braking and lane-keeping. This will surely be one of, if not the, safest Volvo ever made.


In conclusion, if you’re trying to convince your mom to buy an EV, but they can’t be bothered to buy a Tesla, or you’re like me and weirdly love Volvo, check this one out. It’s a monumental accomplishment for the Swedish automaker, and I think first EVs from any company will be classic cars some day.


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