Watch This Rimac C_Two Whirr Around The Test Track In First Person

The Croatian Rimac C_Two has been getting a lot of heated anticipation by electric vehicle fans desperate to see more high performance EVs. The hyper-EV is supposed to have over 1,800 horsepower, a top speed of 258 mph, 0-60 under two seconds, and a price tag of $2 million.

Well in a new video uploaded by Misha Charoudin, a Rimac Automobili marketing employee and Youtuber, we get a very candid look at how the C_Two will handle on the track.

This particular test car hasn’t got full production specs, with about half the total horsepower, and a lot of tuning and finishing to go. Even still, it’s wild.

Sound is always a very crucial part of any super car test drive video, and with this not being a combustion-vehicle one would understandably press play with a larger amount of curiosity around the auditory feedback. Well, I for one did, and came away surprised.

The Rimac didn’t moan and scream like most old-school performance cars, but that doesn’t mean it lack sound design that satisfies. At first, on the slower warm-up lap, the Rimac sounded like a very powerful vacuum cleaner, running over a thick carpet, covered in grit.

The bounce of particles on the floor of the car, mixed with the spinning of the motors, would totally give the same ear-pleasure as vacuuming… that is, if you rode on top of your vacuum at excess of 100 mph.

As for Misha’s impression, he actually starts crying at the end of his drive, and then says he was holding back significantly, since he didn’t want to damage the car.

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