Johnny Cash’s Rolls-Royce Gets an EV-Swap Tesla Powertrain

It’s hard to imagine someone like Johnny Cash, with his devil-may-care attitude and bad boy reputation driving around in a Tesla-swapped Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow from 1970.

However, now you don’t need to imagine it, because Shift EV has gone and made it a reality.

Working on the project for almost and entire year, their team took the aged luxury car with 130k miles on the odometer, and made it into a Model S powered EV with 200-miles of range. Considering the size of these old land-yachts, that’s and impressive figure.

No doubt it will also need far less maintenance, seeing as how the Silver Shadow also was in need of some serious rehab to operate.

Shift EV says that the vehicle had,”three bad cylinders, frozen/dragging brakes, and other issues.” Those problems led them to look into a resto-mod.

Now Johnny’s Rolls has ABS, traction control, stability control, and fully electric steering, brakes, heat and air, and other amenities.

No matter how luxurious the 70s were for the country star, this would surely make him jealous.

Now if only Shift could get their hands on that tractor Joaquin Phoenix got stuck in the mud, while trying to pull out a stump, in Walk the Line.


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