Tesla News: Model 3 Doubles as a Boat in Chinese Floods

If you’re not aware, a lot has been going on in China lately. Apart from the big news you see, there have also been a series of insane deluges wiping away whole swathes of the country.

Despite the troubles being caused by immense rainfall and the suspicious workmanship responsible for the crumbling Three Gorges Dam, China still has hope to weather these natural disasters. That hope? Electric vehicles.

In a series of videos showing Chinese Tesla vehicles plowing through deep water, we can see how well they act as make-shift boats.

Honestly, compared to wooden boats that you’d have to row, these might just be more preferable. If things got too sticky, you could just start playing Cuphead.

Most people still believe that electric vehicles and water absolutely don’t mix. That’s not untrue, but it isn’t as true as it would be for combustion vehicles. Thanks to their lack of intake and exhaust, they can resist the water for much longer.

Also, their batteries are very well sealed, and it wouldn’t be hard for them to traverse deep waters and come out the other end. In fact, the process has been demonstrated in test videos, and the wheels actually act as a source of thrust.

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