Las Vegas Boring Company Tunnel Likely Expanding to Airport and Resorts

The Boring Company has been quietly ramping up its operations lately. Many potential clients are trying to get on their books as the last stage of their Las Vegas Convention Center tunnel enters production.

Although their previous projects at Fremont and the Convention Center have limited scope, they show a lot of promise for certain kinds of people-moving infrastructure. Airports and downtown tram-systems are just a couple of examples of what Boring Company tunnels can address in the short term.

Now we are getting word that McCarran International Airport and both Wynn and Resorts World are courting Elon Musk for inclusion in a larger Las Vegas run of tunnel. If this sounds unlikely, well know that Musk himself recently tweeted that the system is, “looking likely.”

This could be a huge change in the way cities adopt public transportation. A Boring tunnel from two terminals (the first and third) at McCarran would run all the way down the strip. It would pass the Convention Center, and then end at Fremont Street Experience. This apparently has been floated by Tesla.

If Musk can save an order of magnitude more money digging tunnels than cities in the past, then hold on to your shorts, because public transit could be making a big return in the US, and internationally for that matter.

Now we just need to get that van-sized people mover into production.


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