VW ID.4 Images Leak Ahead of Official Unveil

Over the last few years, many car manufacturers have been trying to roll-out new electric lineups. One of the most anticipated is Volkswagen’s new ID line of vehicles, built from the ground up with electrification in mind. The first one to release, the ID.4 has been spotted only in spy pictures and concept form, at least until now.

Leaked images of the production version of the ID.4 have surfaced on the VW ID Talk forum, which show all angles of the car, and its many wheel options. Let’s take a look, and talk about the upcoming 310-mile range crossover.

While it isn’t confirmed if Volkswagen will still use their typical S, SE, and SEL nomenclature for trim levels, we do know there will be different specs of the ID.4. The first to release will be a rear-wheel drive variant with a single 201 horsepower motor.

Eventually, as VW ramps up production, we will be getting a dual-motor AWD variant, which will add another 101 horsepower. Naturally, the more powerful model will be much quicker, and also could get better range.

In the photos we can see the three different styles of wheels, which also seem to come in slightly different finishes and a couple of sizes. All of them look like they prioritize aerodynamics, with a sharp “throwing star” design language.

If there are corresponding trim levels that go with the different motor configurations, expect the cheapest “S” version to start around $35,000, and the most expensive “SEL” trim to cost about $10,000 more. There will likely be a midway level “SE” trim, which will cost $40,000. Either way, these are pretty compelling prices for what will be a very capable electric crossover.

For more angles, check out the leak on the forum.




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