Volkswagen Trademarks ‘e-Samba’ Hinting at Iconic Van’s Return

The classic VW bus of yesteryear still draws the envy of all low-key hippies at car shows around the world. When one of the many-windowed Samba variants rolls up, in the usual immaculate condition, old man and young kid alike gather around to imagine the beachy days they would have in the greenhouse of a van.

Once VW started demonstrating their I.D. concept vehicles, the I.D. Buzz was the most popular by far. Forget an electric golf, all we ever wanted from Germany’s biggest automaker was an electric van! They shouldn’t tease us if they don’t intend to produce it, that would be too cruel.

Well, fortunately for us, a little bird has carried word that VW has gone and trademarked the e-Samba name in Europe. Companies trademark names all the time, but this undoubtedly points towards a production version of the I.D. Buzz finally coming to fruition.

If the expectations pan out, we should see an AWD bus with a motor on each axle. It would have about 330 miles of range, with a 100 kWh + battery. VW showed the original concept as being capable of self-driving in most conditions, which would probably be par for the course when the bus comes out as early as 2022.

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