MG Shows Off Teaser Images Of Its New Cyberster EV

MG, the famed British sportscar company, which is now owned by a Chinese company called SAIC, have shown some very interesting teaser images of their new Cyberster concept.

Not much was specified about the specs of this strange design, which clearly draws inspiration from Tesla’s Cybertruck and Roadster. SAIC did say that it was a hint at things to come, and to “stay tuned.” I figure staying tuned is appropriate, seeing as how all that’s really clear are the Union Jack themed tail-lights.

This year is supposed to see the release of MG’s affordable E-Motion sedan, which toutes a 300-mile range and sub $38,000 price tag. Of course, from the teaser images we can see some design language similarities between the E-Motion and Cyberster.

For starters they both have elongated front-ends and nice looking wheels. The Cyberster does look more aggressively lined, and has a convertible top, unlike its older sibling. It also wouldn’t be crazy to say that these both look like imitations of Tesla Model S and Roadster respectively, albeit in a more MG kind of shape.

It’s hard to say how tangible this concept will become, as many are hopeful to see more MG cars produced, while others are skeptical of Chinese owned car companies. This ilk of manufacturer is a dime a dozen nowadays, and there seems to be a new wild concept announced every single day.

Is it about time we see a MG Cyberster hit the international market? Is this too soon to speculate?


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