Tesla Are Striving To Produce 100 Semi Trucks This Year

Tesla is ramping up the production timeline for the Semi electric truck and is aiming to produce roughly 100 of the trucks this year which is over what was predicted.

After the electric truck was revealed five yers ago, it is now in early production. The trucks are being produced at the Gigafactory Nevada where is has been reported they have the facilities to produce approximately five of the electric trucks a week, which would add up to about 250 trucks per year.

Tesla had already outlined plans to increase the production by moving it to the Gigafactory Texas and just last month, Tesla revealed that they aim to produce 50,000 of the EV trucks per year in 2024. However, we did not know what the increase in production would look like between now and then. Although, some Tesla Semis have been spotted recently, if Tesla do achieve 100 produced this year, this will be ahead of their predictions.

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, the chair of Tesla’s board Robin Denholm, has testified today at a trial where she revealed the information that Tesla was in the running of producing 100 of the Tesla Semi trucks this year. The report said:

“Tesla, for example, might produce 100 semitrailer trucks this year, Ms. Denholm said, years behind schedule.”

The Tesla Semi has been in production since early October and there will be a delivery event held by Tesla on 1st December.

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