Tesla Semi Trucks Spotted As Deliveries Begin

The eagerly waited Tesla Semi electric class 8 truck seems to fulfilling its first deliveries with many being spotted across the country.

The Tesla Semi, which was revealed in 2017, was meant to have its first deliveries in 2019, but this has been put back and back over the years. This year, the EV company, said that we should expect to see the truck go into production in 2023. However, CEO Elon Musk, sprung the news on fans and customers last month that they would be able to start deliveries this year.

Tesla Semi’s have been spotted out for delivery in Kentucky and Arizona. @KentuckyToc wrote on Twitter with some photos:

“Saw a Tesla Semi on the way to the National Drive Electric Week – Louisville this morning! There was plastic sheets blocking view from the outside so no pics of the inside”

Reddit user, u/helloiisjason, shared his sighting, saying:

“Snapped at a Loves on |10 in AZ. Drive said it’s on the way to Giga Texas. So cool I got to see one!”

Snapped at a Loves on I10 in AZ. Driver said it’s on the way to Giga Texas. So cool I got to see one!
by u/helloiisjason in teslamotors

Tesla has been planning to use the Semi themselves to reduce fuel costs and they have already been using prototypes but it is expected that Tesla will start using the trucks in a much bigger capacity.

Some customers have been waiting five years for their Tesla Semi after paying a deposit of up to $20,000.

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