Tesla Bioweapon Defense Mode Put To The Test Against BMW X3

All new Tesla Model Y, Model S, and Model X cars come standard with HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filtration system and Bioweapon Defense Mode, but it has been a little unclear as to whether this is just a gimmick or if it is really beneficial. Tesla has recently published a video explaining exactly how effective this system is.

This system was only available on the Model X and Model S before they added it to the Model Y in 2021. Tesla claims that when the HEPA filter and Bioweapon Defense Mode work together, they remove 99.97% of airborne particulates and so protects drivers and passengers from polluted air.

In the video, Tesla created a huge bubble to fit a Tesla Model Y and BMW X3. Once inside, they set off smoke bombs. The Model Y had the HEPA filtration system and Bioweapon Defense Mode activated, whereas the BMW does not have any functions like this.

Tesla had one employee sit in the Model Y’s driver’s seat during the test, while the X3’s interior remained empty which shows the trust they have in the product.

The Model Y’s cabin was free of red smoke, despite the fact that the inside of the BMW had been invaded by it. After conducting the experiment, a Tesla thermal systems engineer removed the Model Y’s huge activated carbon and HEPA filters beneath them, revealing that they had captured a significant amount of red dust.

When the climate control system is drawing in outside air, the filtration system will be automatically operating. In extreme circumstances, users may switch on Bioweapon Defense Mode, which pumps up the car’s cabin to prevent pollutants from seeping in. All air is now filtered using the HEPA and gas media filters in Bioweapon Defense Mode.

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