Tesla Megapack Bursts Into Flames During The Early Hours Of The Morning

Firefighters and PG&E workers were called out to Tesla’s Elkhorn Battery Storage Facility in Monterey County, California at about 1.30am after a Tesla Megapack industrial battery pack burst into flames.

Local news reports were starting to come out at about 9.30am, when the firefighters were still working on getting the fire put out. Luckily, the fire was able to be contained to one Megapack and did not spread to the hundreds of others that are on site.

The safety systems that have been put in place by Tesla and PG&E are there to limit the damage and grid impact caused by a fire. The battery storage area is also disconnected from the electrical grid as soon as the system detects a fire.

PG&E have gone into detail on some of the safety systems that are in place, such as the thermal alarms that the individual battery packs have which will shut the facility down if the temperature gets too high. A pedestrian warning system will set off alarms and visuals as soon as an incident occurs to alert workers that they need to leave the premises immediately.

Thankfully, there have been no reports of any injuries caused by the fire and there have been now power outages in the area that have related to the incident.

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