Very First Tesla Solar 12,000-Home Housing Development Brought To Texas

A brand-new housing development is being built in Austin, Texas which will be the very first Tesla solar neighbourhood with solar roofs and Powerwalls.

The deal in partnership, with Brookfield Asset Management and Dacra, for the “large scale” community solar roofs and Powerwalls at the development was signed last year and is now starting to take shape. All 12,000 homes on the Easton Park development will be offered with a Tesla Solar Roof and Powerwall package.

This is Tesla’s first big opportunity to make its way into the new build market. According to Electrek, the EV maker is now increasing work there with solar roof installation crews on site. There are already some homes at Easton Park that have the Tesla Solar Roof and Powerwall package.

A resident of Easton Park, Mario D. has explained what led him to opt for the Tesla package. He said:

“I did a cost-benefit analysis: I went to the Tesla site and put in the same characteristics of the house we’re buying and what it would cost to add a Tesla Roof. There’s a big cost savings for at getting it at install.”

The resident goes on to explain that his system produces more electricity than he uses so he can sell the remainder back to the grid, which was another massive plus side to getting the package added.

“I can generate passive income long-term by using the same energy-saving habits I already have.”

This is a big moment for Tesla as well as the housing industry. Residents are able to be have more energy efficient homes during the fuel crisis as well as it being more beneficial to the environment.

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