Tesla Model 3 Saves Uber Driver Hundreds Every Month

Uber driver, Dobson, has traded in his trusty Toyota Camry for a Tesla Model 3 and he went on YouTube channel, It’s Kim Java, to show how he is getting on.

Dobson drives, on average, 120,000 miles per year and spends roughly $2,000 a month on filing up with fuel every other day and maintenance including oil changes every fortnight.

Dobson met Kim Java when he was their Uber driver and they became friends afterwards, and after years of encouragement from her and her husband, PJ, Dobson finally decided to make the move to try the Tesla.

The first problem for Dobson was the initial cost of Teslas, however PJ mentioned that Dobson is likely to make the extra money back over time as he will be saving on the maintenance costs. Dobson’s second issue was that he would usually not choose a more luxury vehicle to use for Uber as customers could cause damage over time by bringing luggage etc into the car.

Dobson’s first Toyota Camry reached an amazing 399,000 miles before he got a new one. His last one had 277,000 miles before purchasing the Tesla. When Dobson first started looking into getting a Tesla, he also considered renting one through Uber and Hertz’s partnership. This enables Uber drivers to rent a Tesla through Uber from Hertz. For Dobson, this would have been about $1,480 a month.

Dobson decided to purchase his in the end. He opted for a 2019 Model 3 standard range plus which had done roughly 20,000 miles. This costs him $900 a month so is much cheaper than his previousl $2,000 per month costs for maintenance and fuel.

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