Tesla Model S Plaid Crashes At Nürburgring During Testing

A Tesla Model S Plaid has crashed during testing at the famous German racing circuit, the Nürburgring while attempting to set a record, according to reports.

The Model S Plaid is the fastest vehicle ever produced by Tesla, and according to Road and Track, was racing around the track alongside a 2022 Corvette Z06 prototype and a BMW M8 test mule. Unfortunately, during a quick turn at Klostertalkurve, the Model S lost control and crashed. The BMW also reportedly crashed on the same day at the Kesselchen sector of the track.

The German sports car hit the barriers at a high speed receiving plenty of damage, unlike the Model S which was only travelling at a slow speed in comparison, and therefore suffered less damage.

It’s reported that both drivers are in good health.

Tesla Model S With Crazy Aero Modifications Spotted At Nurburgring

Tesla has had a short history of Nürburgring testing, with the company testing the tri-motor powertrain at the Green Hell in 2019. This was eventually found out to be the Plaid Model, but this featured heavy aerodynamic enhancements over its body including a diffusor, spoiler, and other air inlets.

Of course, with testing at one of, if not the, most dangerous tracks in the world, you expect one or two incidents. So far there have been a total of 5 fatal incidents at the track during testing sessions, and we expect there will be more in the future. With a Nürburgring track record being so powerful for marketers these days, it is of no surprise that manufacturers still push their cars and drivers to the limits.

Tesla Model S With Crazy Aero Modifications Spotted At Nurburgring

Let’s hope Tesla is able to pull something off.

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