Tesla Models Will Soon Be Able To Park Themselves

At some point this year, Tesla models will be able to drop you off at park themselves according to a recent comment from CEO Elon Musk. Last year, Tesla revealed a new ‘Smart Summon‘ feature, that allowed cars to drive from where they were parked and pick up the driver, as long as they were within view.

Quickly, it became one hell of a party trick, but in the real world, Tesla owners didn’t find it that useful. But a ‘reverse Smart Summon’ would do the trick. This would allow the car to drop you off exactly where you wanted, and then as you carried on with your day, your car would find itself somewhere to park, relieving you of the hard part.

Elon has now confirmed that this feature will be coming later this year as part of an Autopilot software update, saying the following on Twitter:

“We’re working super hard on getting traffic lights & stops released. Reverse summon (auto park) will be part of the core Autopilot software upgrade for FSD later this year.”

Part of this upgrade will allow the car to 3D label its environment using the 8 cameras it has at its disposal. This, as noted by Musk, is a ‘gamechanger’.

“It’s where the car goes into a scene with eight cameras, and kind of paint a path, and then you can label that path in 3D.”

By using the Tesla models currently on the road, the company can map parking lots, enabling a greater level of understanding as to where the cars can park and drive.

Musk hasn’t confirmed when exactly this update will be rolled out, but we’re expecting a lot from Autopilot this year after being promised that the Robotaxi feature will be added before 2021. Only time will tell, but we’re extremely excited.

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