Tesla Models Will Soon Have More Than 400-Mile Range With New Battery Pack

Tesla is working on its largest battery pack yet, measuring in at ~110 kWh, upping the range of some of its models to over 400 miles on a single charge.

“It will not be long before we have a 400-mile range car,” CEO Elon Musk teased during a 2019 shareholder meeting last month. Back then, the Tesla Model S Long Range had a maximum range of around 370 miles according to EPA. Since then, Tesla has released its Long Range Plus model, that further increased the range to a 390-mile EPA rating.

This new range came from software improvements, with the new Model S Long Range Plus also featuring a new set of wheels that look to be more aerodynamic.

A well-known Tesla hacker, Jason Hughes, looked into Tesla’s updates battery management software. He posted the results to Twitter:

Hughes explains that judging by the software updates, Tesla is working on a new battery that’s split into 108 cell groups to produce a ~450V pack with ~109 kWh of usable power resulting in over 400 miles of range.

Hughes also indicates that this could take effect on all of the current Tesla portfolio.

Hopefully, with the cars advertising such a large range, it can finally pull in customers that have ‘range anxiety’, as this upgrade will give Teslas more range than a large handful of ICE cars on the road.

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