Tesla News: Elon Musk Flies To UK As Factory Rumors Swirl

We recently found out that Tesla has been looking at a several hundred acre plot of land in the UK. From a report last week, based on real-estate whispers, was pointing towards a site in the southwest of Bristol, which would fit the bill for a UK Gigafactory.

After these rumors got started, we now know that Elon Musk himself flew to the UK for a short 24-hour trip. He took his private jet to London’s Luton airport last Wednesday, and left shortly after.

The prospect of a UK Gigafactory is nothing new. The Company looked at potentially building what would become their Berlin Gigafactory in the UK instead, before Brexit complicated matters.

Recently, they also applied to UK regulators to start using their Autobidder program in the country.  Autobidder deals with arbitrage of electricity coming from their battery installations, and could pave the way for a future Virtual Power Station of Tesla vehicles.

It does require a small leap of thought to believe that Elon Musk simply showing up in Britain, means a battery factory will be built there. However, when all the factors are looked at, all signs point towards some kind of battery or car factory popping up in the country’s borders.

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