Lordstown Motors To Unveil Endurance Pickup Truck Later This Month

Not much has been revealed of the finalized Lordstown Endurance Pickup. Now, CEO Steve Burns is telling us that the production version of the truck will be revealed in an online event later this month.

We know that the EV has a reported 600 horsepower, coming from four in-wheel motors. These will apparently allow the truck to go from 0-60 in 5.5 seconds. The Endurance will have a range over 250 miles, and a formidable towing capacity of 7.5 thousand pounds.

With a starting price of $52,500, that sounds about as competitive as a first-time EV could be from a small company, and a very intriguing entry into a growing segment.

The reveal will be a recording of a company event, happening around June 22nd, which will be an alternative to the original plan. At first the Endurance was going to be shown at the North American International Auto Show, but that was cancelled, as was nearly every event in the world.

The company is building up their factory at the same time. The body and paint shops, as well as assembly line are under construction, as the process of manufacturing is getting its tooling lined up. If all goes according to plan, manufacturing will begin this summer.

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