Tesla News: Hackers Unlock Performance Upgrades Start Selling Them At A Discount

It’s been fated to happen, ever since Tesla unlocked more range and performance for the first time via OTA update. Now it has happened, a hacker has found out how to get around Tesla and push the upgrades themselves.

A shop out of Quebec, Canada, has released a way to plug into a Tesla’s MCU, and unlock the Model 3’s “Acceleration Boost” update. Though it sells for $2,000 from Tesla, Simon André, the shop in question, will sell you the boost for $1,100.

The breakthrough was made while the shop was trying to add an additional motor to a single-motor Model 3. They wanted to find out if adding another motor, then updating the software on the cars inverter would allow them to have an AWD Model 3.

Long story short, the project was a success. They got their AWD model, but also discovered they could tweak the code and allow it to be the full-fledged Acceleration Boost variety with an additional 50 horsepower.

They also found that with some more intensive tweaking, the car could be made into a Performance Model 3, which is even faster. This package, called Ghost Upgrade, would be something Tesla would want to sell you another car for, which would cost $5,000 more. Ingenext (the new venture born from these hacks) will sell you for a little over $2000, and says it adds 150 horsepower to your Dual Motor M3.

It goes without saying, Tesla probably doesn’t approve. Doing this to your car will most likely void your warranty. They say the Boost 50 package, which replicates the Acceleration Boost, can’t be detected remotely, and you can just remove the module before getting a service. The more advanced performance upgrade is a different story.

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