Tesla News: Musk Confirms Semi Production Set To Begin

Reuters recently reported on a leaked email sent from Elon Musk to Tesla employees. The message addressed the imminent raise in volume of company’s Semi-truck production.

The truck, which was initially unveiled in 2017, has been a long time in the making. Musk praises the many prototypes as informative and hints at how their trials will improve the upcoming release version.

What’s also interesting is how Musk says the Tesla Semi will be built in the Giga Nevada factory. The truck’s assembly location will be split into different locations, but up until now we’ve had no clue as to where it will be made.

The authenticity of the leaked email was called into question, until Elon replied to a tweet confirming its origin, with a simple “Yes.’

For context, Nikola Motors just had their IPO, which has skyrocketed their share-price. The company, with no vehicles production,  intends to compete with the Tesla Semi, but raised Tesla’s share-price over $1,000 as a consequence of their own upward movement.

Tesla’s Semi will be a battery EV, but Nikola’s will be a hydrogen fuel cell EV. Either way, both are welcomed and highly anticipated advancements in shipping technology. Both companies have signaled a positive attitude towards the competition.


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