Tesla News: Model 3 Scored First Place in Quality Report… for Chinese Made Examples

Recently, Tesla got absolute last place in a JD Power quality assessment of their vehicles. In a survey of over 1,200 owners, they reported 250 problems per 100 cars.

Interestingly enough, now the company has scored first place in a quality report, except this time it was their Chinese Model 3 cars. This time, the survey of Chinese Tesla owners comes from 12365Auto. I can’t speak to the trustworthiness of them or JD Power, but they found far fewer issues with the Model 3.

While the average score of a car on their test was 37.2 issues per car, the Model 3 scored an astonishing 0.7 complaints. There are a couple of ways to take this result.

One could assume that the Chinese factory has been utilizing all of the advancements in production Tesla has made from their past experience. They have installed the newest and best machinery, and have recruited the best workers possible in the Shanghai region.

Despite China’s reputation for shoddy manufacturing, Tesla has shown that’s outdated, and have made their best cars in the country.

While that might be possible, surely when it comes to paint and finishing, it’s also likely that 12365Auto isn’t a reputable survey company. In fairness, some would say JD Power isn’t either. If that’s the case, you’d have to take quality on a per-car basis.

Whether China has better build quality than America, there is still reason to expect Tesla to improve the quality control of their cars. In either country, consumers won’t tolerate messy construction for long. Especially when they pay top dollar.

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