Tesla News: Model Y Added To Referral Program

In an interesting development, Tesla has amended their referral program to include their newest car, the Model Y. Although, the referral program already has Tesla’s other products included, the inclusion of such a new car may signal weaker sales than expected.

The crossover electric vehicle was barely getting its production ramped up before the pandemic shut down car sales, and production, around the globe. However, as things get going again, this could mean a much needed boost for the Y.


Right now, if someone were to order a Model Y using a referral code, both parties would receive a free 1,000 miles on Tesla Superchargers.

That sounds nice, but a quick bit of napkin math shows it would equal anywhere from a $67 – $90 value. Since Tesla’s cars are amazingly efficient and the Superchargers only cost about $20 to fill up a vehicle with around 300 miles of range.

This all comes at a time where Model Y’s have been getting a lot of attention for both their effective design, but also lacking quality control.

Elon recently sent out an email to Tesla employees which addressed how it would be “extremely important for [them] to ramp up Model Y production and minimize rectification needs.”

Whatever this mean, undoubtedly some people will be pulling up to Superchargers to redeem some Model Y miles in the coming months.

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