Tesla Puts Model 3 + Model X Plaid Through Ultimate Heat And Durability Test

Tesla have just released details of the latest test they have put some of their electric vehicles through.

– Tesla Twitter

In a test for extreme heat and durability, they took several of their cars including the Model X Plaid to Dubai where temperatures reached 48 degrees celsius. The EV maker shared many photos to their Instagram and Twitter accounts showing the cars surrounded by the impressive sand dunes and some even feature camels and goats. We can see two cars in the shared photos, the Model X Plaid and a Model 3, although it is thought there were more than this.

Although the team were there to test the vehicles, it looks like it was as lot of fun with dust flying around the cars as they are racing them around the sand dunes. It is thought that the testing took place in either June or July this year, which is when Dubai had to create fake rainfall to combat the extremely high temperatures that they were experiencing.

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