Tesla Semi Flaunts Its Insane Acceleration And Fancy New Sound In Recent Video

The Tesla Semi is revered as one of the new breed of Class 8 trucks from the automaker. The Semi’s claim to fame does not only come from its futuristic exterior, but its “other-worldly performance specs.” A skeptic? We’ve managed to get a hold of a video recording that shows this performance in the real world.

A brief video of the silver Tesla Semi in action was posted in the r/TeslaMotors subreddit uploaded by u/sk33ny, who stated that the encounter had taken place in Fremont, California. Similar to the red Semi prototype seen on the Fremont Factory grounds last month, the silver prototype even pulled a tractor, indicating that the truck was carrying cargo.

Tesla Semi spotted in Fremont, CA
by u/sk33ny in teslamotors

The Silver video of Tesla Semi’s latest sighting was short, but it does reveal two significant facets of the incoming Class 8 truck. First, the truck’s smooth and fast acceleration Semi enabled the vehicle to increase the speed after the left turn. Second, the “otherworldly sound” it made was also noticeable. It further highlights the idea that the Semi was indeed a futuristic long-hauler.

The Semi’s power acceleration is attributed to several variables. Back in 2017 when the Semi’s unveiled by CEO Elon Musk, the CEO disclosed the truck is loaded with four Model 3-derived electric motors. The four Model 3 powers the vehicle to run 6- mph in five seconds without the railer, and 20 seconds with the trailer attached. Obviously ahead of its diesel-run Class 8 trucks.

The Semi was originally scheduled to start delivery in 2019, however, this date has been moved back to give way to marker Model 3 and Model Y and Tesla’s work on battery production. So far it seems that the Semi, when it is rolled out will be launched with superior specifications relative to the figures reported at its unveiling. Musk further revealed that the Semi can run a route of 620 miles per charge.

Watch the latest Tesla Semi sighting in the video below.


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