Tesla’s Wider FSD Beta To Launch In Two Weeks, Causes Concerns

According to the new timetable, Tesla may be only two weeks away from the official launch of its Full Self-Driving Beta. The idea of Tesla’s FSD app upgrade coming to more users is both frightening and thrilling at the same time.

Tesla began the limited released its first Full Self-Driving Beta tech upgrade to a small number of owners to validate and test the efficiency of the feature.

The new FSD allows Tesla’s vehicles to autonomously stroll in city streets and links to Tesla’s Navigate on Autopilot features, providing a virtually complete self-driving system under a driver’s watchful eyes. The driver can still interfere with the feature if needed.

The FSD is Tesla’s first self-driving feature that they have been building and marketing for years now.

So far, the FSD beta test is done only within a limited group of owners but CEO Elon Mush promised it will be available in an extensive beta by the end of 2020.

In a latest announcement by Musk, the much awaited wider beta release is in two weeks.

However, Musk did not specify the extent to which the update is going to be and if it is only in the US. Musk also said that Canada would be able to get the new features in December. The thought of it now as reality is both thrilling and frightening.

The FSD Beta was initially expected in 2018 then pushed back to 2019 until it was pushed further to 2020. FSD is a concept that is taken out of a science fiction movie, it causes so much anticipation.

But at the same time, it is frightening as the accuracy and efficiency of the FSD in real-world test in a wider environment is still unknown.

The FSD Beta wider release is to prove that despite years of delay and several criticisms, Tesla’s technology is powerful, efficient, and safe. Tesla wants to show their FSD is one of kind and the pioneer in its technology.

It might even take years.

While the automaker is tweaking its system for the wider beta, it’s important to bear in mind that the cause of multiple Autopilot crashes is due to drivers being complacent and not paying attention to the highway driver-assist system.

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