Toyota Sells Final Tesla Shares To Focus On Flying Cars

Where does the future lie; in autonomous cars or flying cars? That question has filled our minds ever since Marty and Doc Brown ended Back To the Future in a flying DeLorean and headed to the future (2015). Flying cars, regardless of the practicality, is something that has stoked our imaginations for decades, if not longer. Toyota is now on the forefront of making that dream a reality.

Over the weekend, Bloomberg reported that the automotive giant has surrendered its entire stake in Tesla Motors Inc. back in July of 2016, approximately 1.43% of the company. A spokesperson for Toyota stated that the sale signifies the end of any dealings with Tesla, at least for the being. The two companies have been working together since 2010 when Toyota purchased $50 million in Tesla and even sold a disused factory in California to Tesla.

Instead, Toyota now intends to enter a new venture, one with a startup named Cartivator Resource Management. What is Cartivator developing? Well; feast your eyes upon this:

This nifty thing is called the SkyDrive, which is a 9.5-foot vehicle that would be able to fly up to 62 MPH at a height of 33 feet above the ground. The SkyDrive will also be able to drive on normal roads at a speed of up to 93 MPH.

“By 2050 we aim to create a world where anyone can fly in the sky anytime and anywhere. To realize our vision, a compact flying car is necessary with [vertical] takeoff and landing technology, which do not need roads and runways to lift off.”

Their first stop? Hopefully the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, where the world might get to see the SkyDrive light the ceremonial torch.

SOURCE | Bloomberg

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