Twitter Being Sued After Rumoured Major Cash Flow Problems

Twitter has been hit with a lawsuit after Elon Musk has not paid for the rent on the San Francisco offices.

According to Bloomberg, $136,250 is owed in back rent for the offices and it was revealed earlier this week that the social media platform is being evicted from other offices around the globe where they have also missed payments.

Columbia Reit, which is the company that owns the San Francisco building, formally filed a complaint in court on Thursday. The complaint states that Twitter had been informed on the 16th December that they would need to vacate within five days if they did not make the payment.

Since Musk took over the social media platform he has cut the workforce in half, which resulted in another lawsuit for not providing the workers with sufficient notice.

The San Francisco offices are on the 30th floor of the Hartford Building, 650 California Street, which is under two miles away from the headquarters in Market Street, San Francisco. The headquarters is now two floors instead of four and it has been reported that since Musk fired the care takers, the offices have been left with unclean bathrooms and smelling of old food.

Twitter also faces being evicted from the Seattle office for similar problems and there are rumours of the New York offices being closed.

Musk said on a recent live Twitter forum that Twitter is a “plane that is headed towards the ground at high speed with the engines on fire and the controls don’t work.”

This comes after the Tesla CEO posted a poll to Twitter asking his followers if he should step down as Twitter CEO, which received a majority vote for him stepping down. Since the results of the poll, Musk has said he will step down once a replacement is found.

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