Check Out This Soothing Video Of Tesla Autopilot Driving A Man To Work With Almost No Intervention

Some find Tesla’s long-promised Full Self Driving and Autopilot features questionable. Like all things that come out in a beta format, they can draw a lot of scrutiny for operation errors in their early days. However, you can’t deny the software and hardware that Tesla says will drive us around some day has improved substantially in recent months.

Case in point: Youtuber, Tesla Driver, who has been uploading very informative videos of his Model 3 with hardware 3.0 and the newest software update. In his latest video, we can see the car take him on a 10-mile commute, on B-roads nonetheless, with him hardly intervening at all.

I do control the speed for some sections to slow it down for corners and move the wheel every time the screen prompts (however that doesn’t alter the steering at all) I do have to intervene twice, once for pedestrians on the road and another for a turning at stop lights. Here’s a question for you, how many times did it ask me to touch the wheel?

This being in the UK, as opposed to Tesla’s home country and state (where Autopilot has a home turf advantage), the car handles the car really well. As far as the couple of interventions, who is to say that they were necessary, someone else may have felt more comfortable in the situations and let the car do its thing.

In this example, the lack of commentary lets the car speak for itself, and if the little beeps weren’t there to mandate the passenger touch the wheel, imagine how stress free this could be. Granted, their is a curve, where at first the trust will have to be built, but whoa would this be nice.

Next I want to see some of you Tesla owners from other countries and states upload your commutes!

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