GM Says All-Electric Revolution Coming “Sooner Than You Think”

Ken Morris, General Motors’ Head of Electrification and Automation, recent did an interview with Automobile Magazine, where he was particularly optimistic about the future of electric cars. According to statements he made, all of GM’s lineup will be comprised of EVs “sooner than people would think.”

My hope and gut feel is that there’s going to be an inflection point in the mid-2020s where suddenly people are going to be buying these at a faster rate than anybody expects, just because the driving experience on these vehicles is fantastic.

Coming from the head of their EV department, this isn’t as crazy of a take as one could hope for. However, what’s telling is that the company has invested so much into their Ultium Technology. Morris anticipates a ripple of consumer interest emanating out from the Bolt, and later the Hummer and Cadillac EVs, to take front stage in all of their market segments.

In the interview, Morris expands on how EVs, like ICE vehicles, can be set up either for efficiency or power. He says that the power side of that coin will be something they are excited to send around the Nürburgring, and that many consumers will never want to go back to petrol after exposure to the electric driving experience.

When you get used to charging your vehicle like a phone at night, when you charge it and you don’t worry about it, you never have to stop at a gas station. There’s a lot to be said for that kind of a lifestyle.

It’s a pleasant thing to have the big players come over to the light-side. As Morris mentions, GM has over 112 years of experience with mass production of cars and over 3,000 EV-related patents. Don’t forget this was the company that pioneered modern electric vehicles with the EV-1, who’s to say they won’t become wildly successful at this new approach to business.

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