Hyundai’s 45 Showcased in Concept Walkaround Video

One of the coolest trends in automotives right now is the level of thought going into trans formative concept cars. The interior space made available by electric skateboard setups, makes brands start to show what they could do with a few extra inches.

At the same time, automation has made them show how their cars are set to become “living spaces” rather than passenger crafts.

Hyundai has been making huge strides with their 45 concept. The EV has everything you’d expect of a mid-sized SUV, but so much more.

In a recent video SangYup Lee, Hyundai’s head of design, shows us around the car.

For instance, really cool sunroof blinds, and a pixelated LED light bar for the headlights, which looks really modern and retro at the same time.

He points out the cool triangular forms on the vehicles exterior, it’s split-chin front side, and of course the aforementioned light bar.

The wheels are also especially dashing, with a spiral of diamond teeth which cyclone into the center.

On the inside, simplicity is key. The rotating front seats are large and welcoming. A love seat layout in the rear could do without the little throw pillows, but whatever.

The dash and pedals seem to actually calm the vehicle, rather than clutter it. It’s very well done, and dare I say… minimal. Even the seat buckles look nice!

Of course the 45 won’t be released, and anything they actually release will have cold water dumped all over it. Although, I’m really happy to see Hyundai thinking in a way that’s conducive to the 45. It’s a good sign for the future of the brand.

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