New Tesla Model Y: Details Leaked In Recent Video

The long-waited 2022 Tesla Model Y has had more details leaked. Robert Rosenfeld took to his YouTube channel to share the details he has found.

The 2021 Model Y was seen as a more affordable option at just under $42,000 but this did have some compromises with a single motor, rear wheel drive and only 244 miles of range. Many have placed orders for the Model Y but are still yet to receive them.

Tesla then released the long-range Model Y with the dual motor and lithium-ion battery pack. This already has an extensive waiting list. The standard-range 2022 Model Y is the newest addition. It was revealed a few months ago at the launch of the Texas Gigafactory.

Rosenfeld explains in the video that unlike the standard-range Model 3 where you you get a down-grade on almost everything in the car in comparison to the long-range model, it is expected that the new Model Y will still have the benefit of the higher specification but with a shorter range and not as much speed. Many assume that as the Model Y is being produced in the Texas Gigafactory, it will have the 4680 battery pack, heated steering wheel and heated wipers. It should also have the double panel windows and 279 miles of range.

Now, the only down side at the moment is that it is only officially available to Tesla employees. You may be able to get an already built model, but you would not be able to configure your own yet. The other option we are seeing is if people have reserved a long-range Model Y, they are being offered to change this to the standard-range. If they do change over, they are likely to receive the standard-range much sooner.

We’ve all seen that Tesla have been increasing their prices recently, so it won’t be a shock that this new Model Y will be more expensive than the previous. It started at around $59,000 but has already increased to $62,000.

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